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Sexiest Albums from the Sexiest People, once again with gusto

Living with the Lesbian Power Authority has its perks, such as a sweet Home Depot discount. We've got the fancy rakes to prove it!

Featuring such classics as "Lick My Peanut Buttery Nut Sack" ... "Chew That Love Toy" ... "Fetch Me That Dickstick, Bruiser!" and much, much more!

...I'd fuck the shit outta me.

Dear Mom, please pass on the message to Dad so I don't have to go to that military academy in Iowa.

I honestly didn't think sour cream could get any more disgusting. And what are these other so-called "delights." Shudder.

What's next is Foster Edwards getting replaced by a very talented chimpanzee with an oboe and a dream, launching the new orchestra into music famedom and legendry.

"God finally answered my prayers and gave me the perfect man, now if only God would solve the 'splinters in my vagina' issue." Amen to that sister!

Mr. Tooth Decay; just like Madam AIDS but less hot.

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